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Great blend of natural ingredients which tastes great. Lost 12lbs in three weeks. Cannot wait for my next plan. My husband is just as pleased as I am. 100% ordering again.
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Nina UK

I bought this tea to try and help me lose a bit of weight before my wedding. I tend to struggle with willpower and self control if I feel hungry, so it has made a big difference to my life. It curbs the hunger pangs and I have stopped snacking and grazing so much at home and work. I can’t wait to get to my next slimming meeting and step on the scales.
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Grace Peters UK
Lucy - Founder of The Little Health Company

Hi, I'm Lucy. Welcome to The Little Health Company!

Getting a tea detox is very hot right now (pun intended ;)).

You can buy special detox teas that claim to maintain your blood sugar, suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and purify your skin. And the good news is, you can incorporate detoxing with tea in your normal daily life, as you can eat normally. You do need to stick to healthy food however, if you want to get the maximum cleansing effect.

So What Does a Detox Tea do?

what is detox tea used for

what's detox tea?

Detox teas are blends of powerful herbs that detoxify the body. You will have more energy, less bloating and, if you combine the teatox with a pure and healthy lifestyle, experience weight loss. Depending on the brand you drink one cup of tea, two or three times a day.

The effect of a tea detox depends for a big part on the ingredients that have been used to make the tea. I wish I had paid more notice to what I was getting myself into when I started teatoxing.

So to save you some tummy aches, here's my full teatox experience: 


Teatox Reviews

Teatoxing has become increasingly popular all over the world, and there are many different brands and variations to choose from. During my years of finding the best solutions for my health issues, I have tried out several detox methods, including detox teas. Pinterest is overflowing with homemade detox tea recipes (which I have ALL tried :)).

But because I had a very busy office job back then, I started buying ready made cleansing teas online. And though I ended up creating my own favorite recipe (which changed my life!), I definitely experienced a great improvement with some other detox teas.

So here are some personal experiences I have been documenting of teas I have tried out. I hope they help you make an informed decision on which teatox is right for you.

Bootea Review

bootea reviews

My very first teatox product was Bootea. I tried the 14 day Teatox back in 2014, when my friend Jessica gave it to me (thank you Jess!) as an early birthday gift. I had been struggling with feeling sluggish and bloated all the time, and she said the Bootea did wonders for her mood and alertness.

Bootea comes in two packages in very cute and happy designs, one with 14 bags for Daytime Detox, and one with 7 bags for Bedtime Cleanse. You drink the daytime tea every day, but alternate with the night tea, because it is very potent. 

Ingredients of Bootea

Daytime Detox: Nettle leaves, ginger root, mate leaves, fennels seeds, lemongrass, Chinese oolong tea, dandelion leaf, ginseng root, gotu kola leaves

Bedtime Cleanse: Senna leaves, peppermint leaves, fenugreek seeds, liquorices root, burdock root, hawthorn leaves, valerian root, psyllium seeds 

My experience with Bootea

My first impression after the first day was great. I loved the taste of the morning tea!

The night tea however smelled like cauliflower, and tasted a bit bitter, but fortunately the peppermint leaves made it drinkable. I slept great, and woke up the next day looking forward to the next cup. Around midday however I felt a bit uneasy in my stomach, and ended up having to run to the bathroom several times.

I decided to let the night tea brew for a bit shorter the next day, because I did not want to be stressing out about my bowel movements at work.

​Smooth skin, more energy

During the days after that my stomach seemed to settle down, and I started feeling much better. My skin felt softer, I had more energy and the morning and evening cup became a real treat for myself.

And then....oh-oh

After a week or so, I did experience a strong laxative effect from the night tea again, and I ended up leaving a dinner party in a frantic rush. But after that, the coast was clear and I enjoyed the rest of my treatment, rounding the two weeks off with glowing skin and 5 pounds lighter.


Though the Bootea did have a positive effect on my overall health and made me lose weight, the Senna leaves were too much for my system. A laxative effect can cleanse and detoxify your body, but as I wasn’t able to hide myself in a cabin for 14 days, it resulted in some complications in my daily life. Which I would not want repeated 🙂

Tiny Tea Review

tiny tea review

I tried the 14 day Tiny Tea 28 day Teatox, which contains 42 bags. The intention is to take a Tiny Tea three times a day, 30 minutes before each meal. This seems fairly simple, but if you're always on the go can be quite a challenge. When I opened the gorgeous box of the Tiny Tea, a distinct smell of dried earth came toward me. It actually reminded me a bit of coffee. I like a bit of earthy taste, so it did not put me off. I would however recommend to add a bit of lemon or lime to this tea if you have a sensitive taste.

The tea is a blend of Chinese medicinal herbs which I thought sounded very interesting, though at the time I did not understand what many of the ingredient names meant. Here are the chinese names and their english translation:

Ingredients of Tiny Tea

He ye (lotus leaf), shan zha (hawthorn berry), lai fu zi (radish/turnip seed), chen pi (tangerine peel), mai ya (barley sprout), jue ming zi (cassia seed), Oolong tea

My experience with Tiny Tea

What most stood out to me with Tiny Tea was the crazy surge in energy I got. After the second day, I noticed I had more desire to go out, to exercise, and somehow I felt much more positive about everything. I just wanted to do more things and I felt restless when I was at home.

No major belly problems

The first few days my stomach rumbled a bit, but nothing much happened and after five days it quieted down. I also noticed my stomach was a lot flatter and I experienced no more bloating, not even after a heavy lasagna. I did not experience any weight loss, but that might have been due to the fact that those 14 days were during Christmas season, and I did not stick to my usual healthy routine.

​Great skin (eventually)

Another big difference was my skin. The first few days I began the Tiny Teatox my skin was really upset, it felt greasy and I got pimples. Fortunately this lasted not very long, and after about ten days this effect was gone. My skin also appeared to be tighter. I had these little lines on my face and under my eyes. And now they were a lot less! My skin was radiant and felt very smooth when the initial bumps were gone.

​Too much energy?

One big disadvantage of the tea was that I had to take the third cup of tea before 5 PM, otherwise I could be sure of a night without sleep.


I loved this tea as a healthy substitute for coffee, and it did improve my energy and skin. However, this tea is not suitable to drink for a night cleanse, as it wakes up the body and mind too much.

Queen B Review

queen B teatox review

The Queen Detox is a 14 Day cleanse with one cup of night tea per day, and basically tastes like green tea. Because the company is based in Australia, it took quite a while for the tea to arrive. The packaging was quite underwhelming, but I decided not to get caught up in the outer appearance of things.

Ingredients of Queen B

Cassia angustifolia dry leaf (= Senna Leaves), crataegus pinnatifida fruit, alisma orientale tuber, plantago asiatica seed, nelumbium speciosum leaf, Hordeum vulgare fruit, citrus aurantifolia fruit, cassia tora seed

My experience with Queen B

It was the same thing all over again. The bathroom adventures got so intense, I decided to stop drinking the tea after 5 days of bowel stress. I was so caught up in this, that I can’t recall any positive effects of the tea. So my review of Queen B Detox is not complete, because I did not take it the full period.


Maybe I’m over sensitive, but the senna leaves are a big no-no for my body. It’s one of the reasons I made my own gentle detox tea, to prevent myself and others from experiencing the same laxative drama. I’m sure the laxative components will cause people to lose weight temporarily, but it’s not something sustainable and might be harmful for sensitive guts. The whole point is that you get healthier instead.

Skinny Teatox Review

Skinny Teatox is Canada based and their 14 day teatox comes with two teas. 14 bags of a stimulant morning tea and 14 bags of a colon cleanse night tea. Now I have to admit...I did not personally try Skinny Teatox. A seasoned tea detoxer by now, I decided to check the ingredients first. And the one of the first was...senna leaves.

Are Senna Leaves bad for you?

Now you might not have any problems with Senna, but I did, and that’s why I did some online research. It turns out that while being a popular laxative that is available without prescription, it can have damaging effects if you take it for a long time in high doses. This means that a detox for a short period won’t harm you. But in my case, I reacted pretty intense to the Senna, and it turned me off any tea containing senna for good.

Also, Senna Leaves can interfere with birth control, as stated on the Skinny Teatox FAQ page. Yikes!

Another thing that concerned me about Skinny Teatox was that the ingredient list at the end listed “and more”. What would this “and more” be? Here you can see the full ingredient list:

Ingredients of Skinny Teatox

Tea leaves, Senna leaf, Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, Cloves, Rhubarb, Ginger and more

My friend Jessica did however use the Skinny Teatox, and apart from the night tea having an unpleasant taste, she had no problems with the senna leaves. She did have to visit the bathroom more frequently, but it did not involve frantic running. She claims to have more energy, and lost a considerable amount of weight.


Though this tea is probably effective as a colon cleanse, I refrained from drinking it, due to the senna leaves content and the mysterious “and more” ingredient. This might be different for other women, as Jessica’s experience turned out fine.

Bootea, Tiny Tea, Skinny Teatox and Queen B vs. Little Health Company’s Teatox?

the best detox tea ingredients

The Little Health Company's teatox ingredients

So how does my teatox recipe hold up against the teatoxes I tried? I am certain that my teatox is the most gentle form of a detox program you can find. You do not have to fast, and can continue giving your body the healthy nutrition it needs. It does not disturb your sleep pattern, and you won’t be interrupted by sudden changes in your bowels. You can work, play and relax as usual.

It can however give your metabolism a jump start, so that you are fully supported in your weight loss journey. Aside from that, it can optimize the function of your cleansing organs so you can get a clear and smooth skin, have lots of energy and a balanced mood.

What about other detox tea brands?

There are so many Teatox programs I have not tried out, like Teami, SkinnyMint and FitTea. Most of them use Senna though, and I decided to make my own original teatox program, which only uses natural ingredients that are gentle for your system. If you combine it with my free 21 Day Detox Action Plan (which is included), you will gain all the benefits of a complete body cleanse, without harmful consequences.

So start your transformation adventure today, and feel great!​

Happy Tea Time,​

founder of The Little Health Company

21 Day Plan (42 tea bags) + Free E-Book 


21 Day Teatox

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