CBD Oil and Arthritis: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage Revealed

Hemp seed oil for arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that affects millions of people in Australia and throughout the world. There are many different types of arthritis (over 100, actually), but their symptoms are familiar to any patient: inflammation, stiffness, and chronic joint pain. CBD oil, however, is addressing this and can potentially help people suffering from arthritis improve their lives.

As any arthritis sufferer could tell you, it’s an extremely difficult condition to live with. It makes most types of physical exercise difficult to enjoy. For some, even the most basic tasks are hard and painful to complete. As a result, people who suffer from arthritis typically look for ways to alleviate their pain and increase mobility.

CBD oil, extracted from industrial hemp plants, may be an effective treatment for those with arthritis – whether it be for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or other types.

As a plant packed full of beneficial compounds, hemp provides a wide range of health benefits, including reducing pain and inflammation. This makes it a good supplement to help those with arthritis regain mobility and lessen the severity of symptoms.

You may have been been wondering what CBD oil for arthritis is all about. So, this guide gives you all the facts you need to get started. (Although, before reading, we recommend you read our CBD oil beginners’ guide to get a better understanding of what CBD is).

Quick overview of CBD oil

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid you can find in hemp plants. It’s typically extracted and mixed with a carrier oil, and can be taken orally or applied topically for effective treatment.

Unlike marijuana, CBD does not get you ‘high’. Another cannabinoid from the hemp plant known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for creating that ‘high’ feeling.

CBD may also present an effective alternative for those who suffer from chronic pain. Read on to learn more about the benefits, side effects and recommended dosage for CBD oil for people suffering from arthritis.

Does CBD oil work for arthritis?

The three primary benefits that arthritis patients may enjoy if taking CBD oil include:

  • Pain relief
  • Increased mobility
  • Treatment of anxiety and depression.

Numerous studies have investigated the relationship between CBD oil and arthritis, and the results have been promising.

Pain relief

This 2017 study looked at how CBD affected animals with arthritis and concluded that it reduced pain and inflammation.

Quoting directly from the study, the data indicated that the “local administration of CBD blocked [osteoarthritis] pain” and that the findings “suggest that CBD may be a safe, useful therapeutic for treating [osteoarthritis] joint neuropathic pain”.

Another 2016 study looked at how CBD interacted with rats suffering from arthritis. The researchers in this study applied CBD gel for four consecutive days. The results found that pain and inflammation reduced in the rats’ joints. They found that 6.2 milligrams a day was a dosage that achieved a reduction in the pain.


There is also anecdotal evidence that CBD is good for arthritis from a mobility perspective.

This poll conducted by the Arthritis Foundation demonstrated that 67% of patients reported improved mobility when using CBD, while another 30% said it relieved symptoms of fatigue.

But the benefits of CBD oil may go beyond simply physical relief, as we’ll outline below.

Anxiety and depression

The Arthritis Foundation also found many studies indicated that people who suffer the highest amounts of pain with arthritis are the most likely to suffer depression and anxiety. Pain, after all, fuels depression – as a painful daily life can be extremely emotionally and physically draining.

Studies such as this 2015 article published in Neurotherapeutics have shown that CBD has “considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders”. You can read more about how CBD oil can alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety and depression here.

To completely understand the affects of CBD on human beings with arthritis, however, more scientific research is necessary.

You should always consult your doctor before buying and using CBD oil, because there is no bulletproof scientific evidence that CBD oil will always alleviate pain associated with arthritis.

Does CBD oil work for rheumatoid arthritis?

Studies have shown enlightening results highlighting that CBD oil could potentially work for rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The very first controlled trial to assess how cannabis-based medicine treated RA happened many years ago in 2008. The study found that a cannabis-based medication known as Sativex was successful at reducing pain and inflammation. Participants also reported improved sleep, and most of the side effects were mild.

Furthermore, a 2008 review concluded that CBD was also successfully in alleviating pain or also helping people sleep better (with no harmful side effects).

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of studies testing CBD on RA sufferers. Much more scientific research is necessary on human beings to completely comprehend how CBD oil could work on RA patients.

What are the side effects?

CBD oil is usually well-tolerated and side effects are mild.

However, there may be some people who experience a dry mouth, increased appetite, and changes in digestion. Some people have also reported drowsiness and fatigue. There have been no reports of serious side effects from CBD oil. The World Health Organisation has even stated that it is generally safe to use.

People need to be incredibly careful when they buy CBD oil online – and ensure the dosage and purity of the products they buy. Studies have shown that CBD products bought online sometimes have less CBD than advertised. Furthermore, more THC is in the products than what is originally believed.

Fortunately, there is high-quality CBD oil crafted using good manufacturing practices. These bring fewer side effects and are generally safe to use.

Recommended dosage

There are no firm guidelines for using CBD oil for arthritis. However, the Arthritis Foundation recommends to go “low and slow”.

You should begin with only a few milligrams of CBD underneath the tongue twice per day. If you aren’t feeling any relief in a week, increase the dose by the same amount.

Once relief is achieved, keep taking that dose twice every day to maintain a stable CBD blood level. You can increase the increments over a number of weeks if necessary for you.

If you begin to suffer any negative side effects, stop using the CBD oil and consult your doctor right away.

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