Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs

People know hemp seed oil, also known as hemp oil, for the numerous benefits it has for humans. Did you know that it can promote the health of our fluffy friends as well? Hemp seed oil for dogs has also been becoming more common in the current market. There’s no question as to why due to its list of benefits. It seems that more people know about the wonders of CBD oil for dogs. Hemp oil for dogs can also prove to be a great part of their daily routine as well as yours.

Our fuzzy pals truly end up becoming parts of the family, and their health is important to us. This is what has sparked so many people’s interest in CBD oil and hemp oil for dogs. It’s important to pay attention to what you get when shopping for your pet. Some products refer to CBD oil as hemp oil, and others use it to refer to hemp seed oil. The terminology of ‘hemp’ oil gets confusing online, as both of these oils come from the hemp plant. These are both important substances with the power to benefit dogs. The difference is CBD does it with cannabinoids and hemp seed oil works with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

At The Little Health Company, we believe in the health of people and their pets. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are important natural supplements in the health world. Some people may want these hemp-derived oils for themselves, but some use them to take care of their fuzzy family members as well.

How Much Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Dogs have different sizes and bodies just like people do. This is why there’s no general answer on the amount of hemp seed oil for dogs in each dose. From Chihuahua to Great Dane, this oil has so many health-filled uses. Dogs have diverse bodies. You should take size and breed into account when figuring out the proper dosage.

1.    Side effects are uncommon but important

Side effects of hemp seed oil for dogs are extremely uncommon. But, improper dosage is one of the things that cause negative side effects to show up. Too much can cause diarrhea and an upset stomach, and allergies can cause hives, sneezing, and itchiness. Allergic reaction and negative side effects for dogs is extremely rare. However, you want to make sure it works with their diet. It’s important to talk to a vet about whether this supplement is good for your dog.

2.    Don’t give your dog too much

As far as dosing goes, it depends on the foods in your dog’s diet. Many of the acids and vitamins in hemp seed oil are in other foods they eat or supplements they take. The fatty acids in this health-filled supplement are amazing for your dog but not in excess. There shouldn’t be too few fatty acids in your dog’s system, but there shouldn’t be too much. It’s important to find balance.

3.    General dosage

A great idea for finding out dosage is starting small, especially if you have a smaller dog. A pug may benefit from 1 mL of hemp oil whereas a German Shepherd may require over 4 mL. A good note is to keep it under 5 mL even in larger dogs unless you talk to a vet. It may help to even start at .5 mL to safely make sure your dog doesn’t have an allergic reaction. Then you can slowly raise doses.

You can figure out a good dosage for your fluffy family yourself, Though, the best option is always to ask your vet. Veterinarians are a great resource for knowledge. They can assure your dog is getting its best benefits without the side effects. They can help you find the right starting dose or figure out whether a current dose is the best possible.

The biggest danger of hemp oil comes from bad ingredients. Safe production methods are extremely important when it comes to natural substances. Using incorrect methods can lead to harmful additives and toxins finding their way into hemp seed oil. It’s rare to see negative side effects from hemp oil for dogs. You still want to make sure they’re receiving the purest oil possible to be safe.

What Does Hemp Oil do for Dogs

Hemp Oil do for Dogs

There are so many benefits that come from hemp oil for dogs, just as there are for humans. Dogs’ bodies interact with the world in a similar way to people. They experience pain, bad skin health, and a list of other issues. This plant can tackle these through its mix of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

1.    Inflammation control

Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting off bacteria and healing your tissues. It protects from danger in both people and their pets. But, inflammation can cause pain to the body externally and internally. Chronic inflammation can lead to serious conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Balancing inflammation is one of the most well-known benefits of hemp seed oil for dogs. Inflammation can cause them pain, rashes, arthritis, stomach issues, and general discomfort. You can put some pep in their step by reducing these symptoms.

2.    Skin health

Another benefit of hemp oil is that it can promote healthy skin and a healthy coat. It can reduce dryness in the skin and nose while softening and thickening fur. It can also reduce dandruff and prevent acne, eczema, and dermatitis. These skin conditions are uncomfortable for dogs. This is a benefit of hemp seed oil for dogs that can lead to a happier and comfier pooch.

3.    Immune system benefit

Hemp oil can also help by benefitting their immune systems. This hemp byproduct has a fatty acid ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 considered perfect in both dogs and humans. 3:1 according to Healthline. This ratio also helps benefit their blood pressure and inflammation. Promoting your dog’s immune system helps fight against infection and disease, and it may help prevent cancer and diabetes. The 3:1 ratio can do wonders for your dog’s overall health.

These are a few of the many things hemp oil for dogs can do. It’s important for your dog to have a healthy immune system and relief from their discomforts. With hemp seed oil, dogs can live more comfortably alongside us.

Where to Buy Hemp Oil for Dogs in Australia

Hemp Oil for Dogs in Australia

Hemp oil for dogs Australia: CBD oil for dogs can be tricky to find in Australia. This is due to current laws revolving around cannabis. If you want to get your pooch CBD at a physical location, you’ll have to get a veterinary prescription. Luckily, hemp oil for dogs Australia isn’t that difficult to find. There are physical and digital options for purchasing these natural products for dogs. Australia legalized hemp for food usage in 2017 according to Australian Primary Hemp.

1.    Is hemp oil for dogs the same as it is for humans?

You may be wondering if hemp seed oil for humans can be used for dogs. In most cases, it won’t hurt them, but it isn’t ideal. Distributors use different production methods to make it for people and dogs. So the oil for humans may not have as positive of an impact on their bodily functions. It’s always best to find products specifically made for dogs to best help their health.

2.    Physical location hemp oil for dogs Australia

As far as physical options go, you can easiest find hemp oil for dogs Australia in pet stores. Many Australian many big box stores only carry hemp products for humans. Pet stores typically have a health section, which could have natural options such as hemp seed oil. You can always call your local pet store beforehand to check if they have hemp oil for dogs.

3.    Hemp oil for dogs Australia online

Hemp oil for dogs Australia is legal to buy online from local sellers and international sellers. The internet does so much to open the options and opportunities that can help the health of your pooch. It can also show you the wide world of hemp products for dogs. A world that includes chews, topicals, and mixtures with other beneficial supplements.

Pet stores and online are great places to find hemp oil for dogs Australia. Now you know where to get this amazing supplement to see how it could benefit your fuzzy friends. Hemp oil has so many healing and protective properties. It’s hard not to think about how it could help the creatures of the world. Alongside some other animals, dogs get great benefits from hemp oil that are similar to the benefits humans receive.


Hemp is an amazing plant with benefits for both humans and dogs in the form of hemp seed oil and CBD oil. There is no set rule as to how much hemp seed oil a dog should receive. It’s good to start at a low dose and slowly taper up. It also helps to talk to your vet about the benefits for your dog specifically. What’s important is finding a clean and safe product and not overdoing it.

Hemp seed oil can help dogs in numerous ways. These include inflammation control, promotion of healthy skin and a healthy coat, and immune system benefit. Hemp has so many uses for dogs, which is probably why you’re wondering where to get it. You can purchase hemp oil for dogs Australia in person or online. There are a number of products to give them its best benefits.

The powers of hemp are something we’re passionate about at The Little Hemp Company. That goes for whether it’s for you or your dog. Pet health is important, as they live alongside us. We want all of our pets to live healthier lives just as we can.

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