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You probably already know about THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). But did you know that these aren’t the only helpful substances to be found in the cannabis plant? The cannabis plant is made of cannabinoids. These are chemical components that affect your body’s endocannabinoid system (yep, there’s a whole system for it). The benefits of CBD and THC both primarily come from how this system interacts with them. Another cannabinoid that is currently making its way onto the market is CBG (Cannabigerol).

You’re probably still wondering, what is Cannabigerol? It’s an important cannabinoid because we get both CBD and THC from it. This cannabinoid is commonly referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” according to Very well Mind. Its acidic form CBGA is used to create numerous other cannabinoids including the most widely used CBD and THC. This cannabinoid is typically found only in trace amounts, but it can be extracted at an ideal time in hemp’s life to create oil. This has to happen before it starts to become cannabinoids.

Like other cannabinoids, there are so many ways that cannabigerol can benefit you. There’s been THC oil and CBD oil, but now there’s CBG oil (and others too). It might seem difficult to keep track of all the helpful, and hemp-full, cannabinoids that are out there. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here at The Little Health Company.

What is Cannabigerol?

THC and CBD have been around for a while, and it’s amazing seeing the growth of the hemp market through other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol. So, what is CBG? As mentioned earlier, it’s the substance that turns into many other cannabinoids. But it’s so much more than that. This cannabinoid is also its own health-filled supplement that can help you in many ways.

CBG might seem new, but its been used for its health benefits for a while. It was first made for use alongside THC in 1964 according to Leafly. Every cannabinoid actually starts as its acidic form. This is why it’s actually taken from younger cannabis plants as it takes time to turn into other cannabinoids. The longer the plant waits, the less of this cannabinoid is there. This makes it harder to find on the market than CBD and THC.

Benefits of CBG

That’s where this cannabinoid comes from, but once again, what is CBG? That is to say, how can it help you? What are its benefits? This cannabinoid binds to your endocannabinoid system’s receptors, much like CBD and THC. This supplement is mainly believed to improve cognitive function in the way it connects to the brain. It connects to the CB1 receptors in the brain which is believed to inhibit anandamide which helps enhance motivation and increase focus. Other studies show that it may play a role in increasing appetite, reducing blood pressure, promoting a healthy metabolism, reducing pain and anxiety, promoting healthy inflammation, and fighting cancer cells. Studies on this powerful health supplement are ongoing, but they’ve already shown some of the things it can do.

Different Products

Cannabigerol might be harder to find than the more common cannabinoids. It’s great to know that though this is the case, there is a growing market. A quick google search will bring up options such as oil, edibles, flowers, capsules, topicals and more. There are so many ways to test out the health benefits this supplement has to offer.

Possible side-effects

There are some side affects you need to know about CBG. These are rare side effects, but it’s important to look into them to know if it’s right for you. It is best to go to a doctor if you believe you may be feeling these side effects, so you can best understand if cannabigerol fits into your health routine. It can cause side effects such as dry mouth and shifting weight due to changing appetite. You may also experience diarrhea, dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, and anxiety. It’s important for you to find a proper dosage and make sure there are no additives in your supplement. You should also look into other medicines you are taking and ask a doctor to be sure you won’t experience anything unwanted.

We believe in absolute health and wellness here at The Little Health Company. Every product we create is formed with the safest ingredients and 3-rd party tested to assure absolute purity. You can reach out to us today if you’re curious about the benefits of cannabinoids.

Compare CBG Oil vs CBD Oil


CBD oil is more common than CBD oil, and that goes for when it’s both in the plant and on the market. CBD options can be found pretty much anywhere, and it’s produced by hemp in enormous amounts. Cannabigerol is found in smaller amounts, but it can be extracted and turned into oil in the earlier part of hemp’s life cycle. More and more people are extracting this oil to explore its benefits, so it’s becoming easier to find.

So, what makes CBG oil and CBD oil different? CBD oil and CBG oil have some similar benefits while working in different ways. Both hemp byproducts are believed to provide relief from anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation. Either one is a good option when dealing with these issues. Looking into the other benefits of each can help determine which is right for you.


CBD oil is known for some other positive effects aside from the ones listed previously. It can also protect your brain, help prevent seizures, minimize acne, and fight off cancer cells. There are so many reasons you should look into it if you haven’t already. It’s a substance that’s loaded with benefits. There are so many ways you can use CBD oil whether that’s orally to fight off anxiety or topically to tackle inflammation.


CBG oil can fight off cancer as well. It may also fight off bacterial infections, bladder dysfunction, and glaucoma. As far as other things this supplement can do, there are so many. It can increase your appetite, which CBD can reduce. This is an oil that has so many positive properties you just won’t want to miss.

So, what side are you on? You don’t have to be on either. Each of these cannabinoids has its own wondrous benefits for your brain and body. They both have the power to work together in your body to give you the best effects possible. What’s better is that neither gets you high. They’re great options for pain relief and anxiety reduction without psychoactive effects. You could also use either or, as both of these supplements benefit the endocannabinoid system in different ways.

Where to Buy CBG Oil?

Though CBG oil may be available in some local stores, it’s harder to find than CBD oil. CBD oil has become somewhat of a commodity due to its prevalence in the hemp plant and demand. So many people know about CBD and its benefits. This is why it’s produced far more often in the current market. Less common cannabinoids, however, are a bit harder to find.

You can always check for CBG oil at your local health store. Not every health store has this supplement, so you can never be completely sure. Your best bet would be to call ahead and check to see if these stores have the right options for you. These health stores are actually a great way to look into all the helpful substances that can benefit you. You always have the option of stopping at these stores to see what else they may offer.

Your best bet for shopping in person would be a store fully dedicated to hemp. There are tons of stores across the globe solely focused on the wonders and beauty of hemp and its by-products. For example, Pure CBD in Los Angeles offers tons of CBG oil options both online and in-store. Hemp stores are an amazing place for all of your cannabinoid needs.

If you’re completely out of luck, you can check online. CBG oil is legal to be purchased outside of a dispensary in many places on Earth. This legality makes it super easy to be found online from multiple brands and stores. There are numerous brands out there with many cannabigerol-based products.


CBG oil is a wonderful natural supplement with so many benefits. It may have so many benefits for the brain and body. These benefits include pain and anxiety relief, blood pressure reduction, and immune system promotion. This hemp byproduct can be found in a variety of options such as oils and topicals, and many people have been astounded by its benefits.

Cannabigerol and CBD are similar but different. They’re both made from hemp but affect the endocannabinoid system in different ways. This means they’re both great on their own and together. You might even find that it works best to take either or, depending on the situation. CBD is easier to find, but there are also CBG options depending on where you are. This makes the internet your best bet in finding it.

If you’re looking into starting your hemp journey, you can try us here at The Little Health company. We offer pure products that are sure to help you find a life full of wellness. Reach out to us today to see what our natural supplements can do for you!

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