Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

So many people get caught up in the world of CBD that they seem to forget about hemp. Did you know that the seeds of the hemp plant have their own beneficial nature? It’s true! Fatty acids in hemp seed oil are known for their healing properties. This supplement is absolutely here to help you live your healthiest life. We’re here to help you find what supplement works best for you at The Little Health Company. This is why we’ll tell you all about the benefits this oil has to offer.

So, what is hemp oil, and what makes it different from CBD oil? These both come from the same plant. Ironically, that plant is hemp, which people hail for its benefits to health and the environment. According to Forbes, CBD comes from the flower whereas hemp comes from the seed, which have different chemical makeups. Where CBD oil is rich in beneficial cannabinoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins load up hemp seed oil. Each of these oils promote health in different ways but are powerful natural supplements.

One more question is begging to be answered. What exactly is in hemp oil, and how can it help you? As mentioned before, this oil is loaded with antioxidants such as Vitamin E. These are known for preventing cardiovascular disease and cell damage due to cancer cells. Hemp seed oil is also rich in useful minerals such as potassium, iron, and zinc. The most important thing to know about this oil is that it’s perfect. That is to say, it has a ratio of 3:1 fatty acids according to WebMD. The perfect ratio to promote health. There are so many wonderful substances in this oil, and that means that there are so many hemp seed oil uses.

What is Hemp Seed Oil Good For?

What is Hemp Seed Oil Good For

Hemp seed oil uses come in a wide range due to the number of beneficial substances within. Due to this range, it has different uses when ingested or used topically. So, what are the hemp oil uses?

1.    Skincare

Firstly, you can apply hemp oil to the skin according to Healthline. It has the power to relieve several skin conditions due to its presence of fatty acids. It can be used to reduce eczema,  psoriasis, and acne. It also keeps the skin nice and moisturized while reducing wrinkles and inflammation. One of the hemp oil uses is you can lather it on the skin or apply it to certain breakouts. People also mix it into lotions or other helpful topicals.

2.    Heart Health

Hemp seed oil is also well-known for how it benefits heart health. Fatty acids come into play here as the omega-6 and omega-3 are in the 3:1 ratio which reduces cholesterol. This acts as a measure in preventing heart disease. It’s known that reducing cholesterol reduces the risk of high blood pressure and strokes, and it’s a great preventative measure for possible future heart disease.

3.    Anti-inflammation

Another one of the most well-known hemp oil uses comes from its anti-inflammatory properties. Having an abundance of inflammation in the body can be awful for you. Chronic inflammation can cause heart problems, arthritis, and cancer. This healthful oil tackles this inflammation due to its presence of linoleic acid. This serves to help you preserve your body’s overall health.

These are just some of the most well-known hemp oil uses. People also know this supplement for its benefit on the gastrointestinal tract, lessening seizures, balancing hormones, and assisting in weight loss. There are so many hemp oil uses that can benefit you. Now you no longer have to wonder, “what is hemp seed oil good for?”

This supplement has so many benefits, but does it have any downside? It’s safe and has no known side effects in most cases. That being said, it can cause diarrhea, low blood pressure, and a sore throat in rare cases. These don’t happen too often, but as with other supplements, it’s important to start at a low dose first. This helps you see how your body will interact.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Seed Oil?

Buy Hemp Seed Oil

The great thing about hemp seed oil is that it’s not too hard to get ahold of. It’s even been finding its way into bigger stores like Walmart and Target. There’s a whole list of options out there, which means you can try it today.

The important thing to know about is the reputation of the seller and producer. Good sellers and producers place a focus on transparency and good practice. You can never be sure you’re getting pure hemp oil without harmful substances without good practice and transparency. Where you buy from and what you get should be honest and pure. What’s important is that you’re safe when finding the product for you.

You can purchase hemp seed oil both in-store and online. So if you want to get your hands on it today you can. You can also sift through online listings to see which option is the best for you. The internet is a great research tool, so you can use it to read up on where you’re buying from. It also help to explore hemp seed oil reviews for each product. Some great options for purchasing in-person come from local health stores with a good reputation. There are also many online sellers who work with transparency and commitment to your health and safety.

We at The Little Health Company are one of those brands that care deeply about your health and safety. That’s why all of our hemp oil follows the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and we use trusted suppliers for all of our ingredients. Check out our about page to learn more.

How Long Does Hemp Seed Oil Take to Work?

Hemp Seed Oil

There’s no set answer for how long it takes to see the benefit of hemp oil uses. We all have different bodies that process supplements in different ways. Research into how long it takes is also ongoing. There is, however, a general timeframe for how long it takes to affect the body depending on how it’s used.

1.    It’s Different for Everybody

Some of hemp seed oil’s effects happen quickly, and some are slower. When taking it sublingually, it may take 10 minutes to an hour before any effects are noticeable. The time of ingesting it orally may take longer, as it needs time to process through the body. None of these time frames are set, so it’s good to wait a few hours after your first dose before ingesting more.

2.    Certain effects take longer

When it comes to chronic conditions, hemp seed oil may take some time to show noticeable effects. It can take many weeks for a noticeable reduction in skin conditions. It can also take some time to receive its full benefits on your body. This supplement is a substance known for boosting health and protecting it. More noticeable changes in your body’s function may take some time to happen. So don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing wondrous changes right away, they will come.

3.    There is no set answer

As mentioned earlier, there is no set answer as to how long it‘ll take to work. Scientific research is ongoing, and studies are ongoing to get a more concrete answer. That being said, others who have previously used hemp oil supplementally can prove to be a vital resource in figuring this out.

The best way to figure things out is by trying hemp oil for yourself. In every case, nutrients and supplements will affect our bodies in different ways. Some people even take CBD oil sublingually with the belief that it will have a quick effect. But, all of a sudden hours roll by before anything happens. When taking hemp seed oil, you can figure out how long it takes to benefit your body personally.


Hemp seed oil is a wonderful supplement that has a lot to offer to your body. It’s so rich in beneficial fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that you can’t really go wrong. It has its very own chemical makeup free of CBD and THC. This is because it comes from the hemp seed rather than the flower. There are so many healing properties held in this oil, and it proves to be a great anti-inflammatory while fighting cancer cells, healing skin conditions, and promoting the gastrointestinal tract. There are so many ways that hemp seed oil can help you.

On top of that, this oil isn’t hard to find. It’s even in big stores. If you can find a reputable brand, you’re good to go. You can purchase it in person or online, so there’s no need to wait if you don’t want to. You’ll find that the time it takes for this oil to affect your body isn’t exact. The effect isn’t always the same because different as every person has a different body. But, the positive effects are worth seeing how long it takes for you.

This is why we offer hemp seed oil in our product lineup here at The Little Health Company. We believe in the benefits it has for each person and want to envision a healthier and happier world. If you have any questions you can always reach out. We’re here to help with any inquiries you may have.

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