CBD Oil and Autism: Everything You Need to Know

Happy autism boy during therapy with school tutor, learning and having fun together

Millions of people around the world are affected by autism, but CBD oil has shown to be a promising treatment for its symptoms.

There are so many types of autism and degrees of severity. This is why it is often described as a “spectrum”.

Many autistic people are high functioning, but for others it can seriously affect their quality of life.

But wherever a person is on the spectrum, using CBD oil has the potential to make people’s lives happier and more rewarding.

Before reading on, you may like to take a quick look at our beginner’s guide to CBD oil. It will assist you if you aren’t familiar with how the product works.

Overview of autism

Autism manifests itself in many ways. But one common aspect people share is that they see the world in a different way than those without it.

Social relationships can be difficult for autistic people. Some may have difficulty interacting with others or conforming with social norms.

Autistic people may suffer high amounts of anxiety or stress. This includes worry over things that other people wouldn’t usually consider to be a problem.

In some cases, autistic people may harm themselves or put themselves at risk because of their condition.

Unfortunately, there is no is no cure for autism. People are simply born with it, and symptoms become apparent during childhood.

But research into autism is ongoing. CBD oil may even help to alleviate some of the issues associated with autism.

How does CBD oil for autism work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis sativa, otherwise known as industrial hemp. Unlike other strains of cannabis, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp and CBD does not make people “high”.

Instead of being used recreationally, hemp has had a long history of practical and medicinal uses.

CBD oil and autism is a growing area of research. It really could offer hope for those whose daily life is affected by it.

This 2019 study published in Frontiers in Neurology looked closely investigated CBD oil and autism.

The researchers found that CBD had positive effects on a range of symptoms of autism. This was without the side effects that often come with traditional medications. Some of these symptoms included hyperactivity, behavioural issues, and social interaction deficits.

The report outlined some illuminating findings:

After 6–9 months of treatment, most patients … showed some level of improvement in more than one of the eight symptom categories evaluated..

Effects of CBD-Enriched Cannabis sativa Extract on Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms: An Observational Study of 18 Participants Undergoing Compassionate Use

And the study ultimately concluded:

The results reported here are very promising and indicate that CBD-enriched Cannabis sativa extract may ameliorate multiple [Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)] symptoms even in non-epileptic patients, with substantial increase in life quality for both ASD patients and caretakers.

Indeed, some people with autism also have epilepsy, which produces seizures.

The same study showed that CBD has a significant effect in reducing the number and severity of seizures. Even up to a 100% improvement in some cases.

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Is CBD oil safe for kids with autism?

Yes, it is generally safe but you should always consult your doctor before allowing autistic children to ingest CBD oil.

Do not use CBD if you haven’t consulted a physician who has taken into account your child’s medical state.

Many parents of autistic children may be exploring CBD oil as a treatment option. But they have concerns over safety and side effects.

We emphasise that CBD is generally safe to use, even at high doses. This has even been articulated by the World Health Organisation.

This 2019 study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders closely observed 60 children with autism spectrum disorder who used CBD-rich cannabis.

There were some negative side effects such as disturbed sleep, irritability and also appetite loss.

But in 61% of patients, it was reported that behaviour outbreaks after treatment with cannabis was much improved or, indeed, ‘very much’ improved.

And in 86% of patients, problems with communication and anxiety were reported to have either much improved or ‘very much’ improved.

But you should always be careful about the type of CBD you are using. Alwas check whether the product you are ingesting contains THC – the chemical that gets you ‘high’.

In the study, one girl who ingested cannabis with higher levels of THC suffered a serious psychotic episode. She required antipsychotic treatment.

This was the exception, but it does show the importance of knowing the product you are taking.

Side effects

The most common side effects of CBD are a slight increase in tiredness, a dry mouth, and an increase in appetite. For some, there may be mild digestive upset.

But the research on CBD oil and autism shows that side effects are mild for most people.

CBD can usually be used alongside most medications, but there may be some interactions, especially with blood thinners.

In any event, especially if you or your child is on medication, always speak to a doctor before taking CBD.

Recommended dosage of CBD oil for autism

There is no recommended or ‘correct’ daily dosage of CBD oi. Rather, the right dosage will differ person to person.

However, it is generally recommended to start with a small dosage, and only increase it as needed.

Because autism is a spectrum, not all people will respond to the same dosage. Factors such as age and weight can also affect the best therapeutic dose.

Every child is different, is on different medications and has different physical characteristics. So, consulting a physician is vital before ingesting CBD oil.

You can also use our CBD calculator for assistance on an estimated optimal dosage.

Where to buy CBD oil for autism

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Research into CBD oil and autism is ongoing. But the more we learn about the powerful nature of cannabinoids, the more potential there is to bring positive results for those on the autistic scale.

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Always consult your doctor on how CBD oil will affect you or your children before buying.