Your Complete CBD Oil Fact Sheet for 2022

Does hemp oil contain cbd

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming increasingly popular in Australia so we have put together a comprehensive CBD Oil fact list. As this interest grows, and there are now more studies, reports, and users than ever before.

But many people are still confused about what it is, how it works, and the risks associated with using it.

They’re also unaware of the specifics of how it is produced, and the potential benefits it can provide.

Well, here are some CBD oil facts to get things straight.

Below, we’ve put together the ultimate CBD Oil fact sheet, outlining the following topics:

  • What is CBD?
  • CBD Oil Fact
  • CBD Oil Benefits
  • Hemp Oil v CBD Oil: Is there a difference?
  • Where can I buy CBD Oil?
  • Does CBD Oil have any side effects?
  • Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD Oil?
  • How is CBD Oil made?
  • Is CBD Oil worth it?

What is CBD?

CBD oil is an oil created by extracting a chemical compound known as cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp plants.

What is cbd

You may not have known it, but CBD is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in hemp.

It is distinct from another controversial cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, bringing a variety of effects that support health and help treat disease.

Thankfully, hemp plants are a form of cannabis plant that is grown specifically because it has low amounts of THC.

This is the cannabinoid that gives cannabis a reputation for being a recreational drug, as it makes users feel high or stoned.

But, unlike marijuana, which is a cannabis plant with high amounts of THC, hemp does not make you feel high or impaired in any way.

Hemp plants only have extremely low levels of THC but are rich in other cannabinoids that are beneficial to your health.

For a complete look at this fascinating product, make sure to read our Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil.

CBD Fact: Everything You Need to Know.

CBD oil is the subject of continuing research and investigations, with experts constantly discovering more about its rejuvenating properties.

Cannabis oil facts

For the time being, here are some essential CBD oil facts for those interested in learning more about cannabis oil and how it works:

  • This oil is intended for medical use to support health, not for recreational use. Unlike marijuana, hemp oil products do not get you high.
  • So far, CBD has not shown to be a cure for cancer, arthritis, or any other condition. But it can help with many symptoms and halt the progression of some.
  • Pain, tension, anxiety, inflammation, nausea, and the risk of seizures can all be reduced with cannabis oil.
  • CBD oil can be prescribed by both doctors and holistic medical specialists.
  • Adults and children can both benefit from CBD oil.
  • When taking CBD oil, there are no serious adverse effects. The World Health Organisation has stated that CBD is safe and well-tolerated.

These CBD oil facts are only the tip of the iceberg in our understanding of cannabinoids and how they can be used to treat illness and mange health.

More research is needed to unlock the full potential of cannabis as a therapy.

Cannabidiol Benefits: They Just Keep Comin’.

There are a huge number of advantages to using CBD Oil (although note that only some of them are rooted in science).

Cbd oil benefits Australia

CBD oil is used to support your health and well-being, but it is also used to treat a variety of medical diseases.

The CBD oil benefits that have been confirmed by scientific studies, some of which include:

There have been a range of studies to test CBD’s power to treat a number of other medical issues.

The majority of those studies’ outcomes provide cause for hope, but we can’t draw firm conclusions just yet. We’ll need more studies to be undertaken to fully comprehend the nature of CBD.

Some of the cases where we can expect more findings include the prevention of diabetes and treatment of psychosis.

Be sure to read our complete list of benefits right here.

CBD Oi Fact – Hemp seed oil v CBD Oil: Is there a difference?

There is certainly a difference, and it’s particularly important to distinguish between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. They’re two different products and shouldn’t be confused.

It’s just one of those CBD oil facts that people often get wrong.

When we talk about CBD oil, we are referring to the sort of oil made from hemp plants’ cannabidiol extract, which comes from the flowers leaves and stems.

Hemp seed oil, however, comes from pressing the plant’s seeds only. It is a nutritious health supplement with many benefits, but it does not contain cannabinoids and is not a CBD oil.

Hemp seed oil is more known for its nutritional worth and overall health benefits, rather than for its medicinal uses.

Where can I buy CBD oil?

You can purchase CBD oil on the internet, but also at various pharmacies and health stores.

While technically you’re able to buy some medical cannabis to be purchased over the counter with just a pharmacist consult, no such products have been approved for sale yet.

You will need a medical prescription from a doctor in order to buy CBD oil.

But you should always take caution and exercise meticulous due diligence when buying CBD Oil online.

There are plenty of dodgy sellers out there, and you can’t always be sure that what you’re buying is safe or the real deal.

It is always the best idea to purchase from a trusted Australian seller.

Lucky for you, you can buy CBD oil directly from this website. The Little Health Company is a well-known CBD oil company that provides pure, natural cannabis oil manufactured from high-quality hemp plants that is free from harmful chemicals and unnecessary ingredients.

Does CBD oil have any side effects?

Side effects cbd oil

CBD oil may cause mild negative effects in a small number of users, such as:

  • Sleepiness
  • Increased appetite (and possibly digestive upset in those who are vulnerable).
  • Drowsiness,
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea,
  • Weight changes
  • Liver enzyme changes
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • And more.

However, note that side effects are mild, and you may be able to relieve them by changing the dosage.

You can read more about these side effects in our Beginner’s Guide to CBD oil.

CBD Oi Fact – Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

No. “Hemp oil” is a broad term used to describe both CBD oil and hemp seed oil, so it’s no wonder it causes some confusion. The two are vastly different.

Yes, both of them come from the cannabis plant.

But they come from different parts of the plant.

Hemp seed oil is derived from the hemp plant’s seeds. A pressing operation produces a green, semi-clear liquid from the seeds.

It is high in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, making it an ideal dietary supplement.

CBD hemp oil – on the other hand – is made from the flowers, leaves, and stems, and contains a range of beneficial cannabinoids.

How is CBD oil made?

How is cbd oil made

CBD Oil is made through a multi-staged process, principally through extracting the CBD cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. The process is effectively as follows:

  1. The hemp plant is planted into soil. Here at the Little Health Company, CBD oil is made by using organic hemp.
  2. The plant is harvested (and the cannabinoids are primarily located in the plant’s trichome in the resin glands)
  3. The plant is placed to be air dried in an area with good ventilation (a process known as curing that takes about 3-4 weeks)
  4. Extracting the CBD, which is typically done through either ethanol extraction (soaking the plant in alcohol), CO2 extraction (using CO2 to isolate the CBD in a very cold temperature) or oil extraction (a DIY method where you basically heat up the plant with a carrier oil such as olive oil)
  5. Once the CBD is extracted, it’s mixed together with a carrier oil – this can the hemp seed oil, coconut oil, orange oil or other oils.

CO2 presents advantages over other methods of extracting CBD Oil.

This is because you’re able to pump CO2 through hemp to produce the result of no other compounds being left behind. It is also free from chemicals, and you can also release CO2 back into the atmosphere harmlessly.

Here at The Little Health Company, we like to extract our cannabinoids using CO2.

Conclusion: Is CBD Worth It?

CBD Oil is absolutely worth it. And as these CBD oil facts we’ve presented above demonstrate, this oil has a lot to offer

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil for your health, always choose a quality oil and a trusted seller.

At The Little Health Company, we use CO2 extraction methods to create high grade CBD oil with no contaminants. That is why our customers keep coming back to us.

Many individuals have misconceptions about cannabis oil because of the stigma attached to the cannabis. Unlike a recreational drug, however, this oil has true medical properties that have the potential to improve the quality of many lives.

For more CBD Oil Facts, you can contact our friendly staff members today. You can also purchase CBD oil via our online store,