CBD Oil for Epilepsy

CBD Oil for Epilepsy

A lot people across Australia and the rest of the world have epilepsy and have used CBD Oil for Epilepsy. Hence, CBD oil may be able to reduce the risks of having epileptic seizures and fits.

Statistics show that around 250,000 Australians currently have epilepsy, which is over 1% of the population. Reports also state that around 800,000 Australians alive today will develop some form of epilepsy during their lifetimes. Also, there are 65 million people with epilepsy worldwide.

This common condition directly affects the brain, leading to seizures or fits, which can produce different kinds of symptoms. Epilepsy symptoms and signs can include stiffness, loss of awareness, uncontrollable shaking and spasms and strange feeling throughout the body

It can be a very hard condition to live with, especially with seizures often hard to predict or arrive without warning. Unsurprisingly, individuals with epilepsy often search for ways to reduce the risks and frequency of their seizures. Also, increasing evidence shows beneficial links between cannabis oil and epilepsy.

What Is Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy?

Moreover, CBD or cannabis oil is a type of oil made from industrial hemp plants. The cannabidiol or CBD extract from the plant needs carrier oil, with MCT oil being the most common choice.

This oil is best put around the area below the tongue, or one can consume it in other ways. The cannabidiol enters the bloodstream and binds to receptors in the ECS system, triggering a lot positive effects throughout the body.

When it comes to CBD oil and epilepsy, research and studies conducted by experts across Australia and the rest of the world show that CBD oil can help the risks of seizures. In one study, children who have epilepsy being given CBD oil, while other took place.

Those who took CBD oil showed a greater reduction in monthly seizures than the placebo groups. What’s more, the seizures that did occur in the CBD group were less severe overall.

Therefore, the study found out that CBD has anti-epileptic properties base on the results.

Are there any risks to CBD oil epilepsy?

Across Australia and other parts of the world, more and more sufferers of epilepsy choose to take CBD oil for epilepsy. Naturally, many people also want to know if there are any risks or side effects.

Research is ongoing into long-term and short-term links between epilepsy and cannabis oil and the effects that CBD oil can have on the human body. There are many studies and trials, and so far, a lot of evidence suggest that this product has no serious risk to those who use it.

CBD oil can result in some minor side effects, such as increasing appetite or general fatigue. Hence, it may also lead to stomach upsets in sensitive users. For the most part, however, most people taking CBD for various conditions, like cancer, arthritis, epilepsy, and even autism, are all seeing nothing but benefits.


Since epilepsy has no known cure, the only option for those dealing with the condition is to find ways to live with and methods to reduce the risks. CBD oil may be an option for you or a loved one, helping to limiting the seizures and reducing their severity.


Where can I find cannabis oil epilepsy?

You can get CBD oil directly from this site. The Little Health Company is one of the top brands in the industry, producing high-grade cannabis oil from pure, natural ingredients with only trace amounts of THC and no psychoactive properties.

Is it safe to use CBD oil epilepsy?

Research is ongoing, but studies and trials show that CBD is perfectly safe to use. It contains no chemicals or dangerous additives, but only natural ingredients.

How much should I take?

The correct dosage will depend on a person’s age, weight, and other factors. Speak to your
care provider for accurate dosage.

What can CBD oil do for epileptic individuals?

CBD oil can reduce the risk of seizures in epilepsy sufferers. It may also contribute to making seizures shorter and less severe when they happen.